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In Stride with Community

Our In Stride With Community dollars are directed to organizations and/or groups that are aligned with our values, our business, our employee’s volunteer efforts, and our many varied stakeholders. Specifically, we support initiatives focused on health and wellness, social service, families, youth, innovation and education in its broadest context.

Our accomplishments as a Company rely on the support of our employees, consultants, contractors, communities we work in, service providers, business partners and our shareholders. The people working with Perpetual Energy live in many communities and are dedicated to improving the quality of life for families, youth, friends and neighbors.

  • Corporate Focused Charities
  • Individual’s Focused Charities
  • Days Of Caring

We know enthusiasm, along with passion, drive our success and when this energy is shared in the community, great things happen.

We realize there are a vast number of desirable projects to support, it is our requirement that requests for funding are championed by a member of our team. Organizations requesting our support should generally have Canada Revenue Agency charitable status.

Requests to the In Stride With Community program may be submitted in writing using the following email address:

[email protected]

While we will consider all requests, Perpetual will not be able to accommodate every request. Priority will be given to those initiatives that are strongly aligned with Perpetual’s values and the priorities of our team.