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Perpetual Energy Inc.’s number one core value is safety. It is an integral part of our business operations and it must be the most important responsibility of all employees and service providers.

Perpetual Energy is committed to achieving a high standard of safety throughout all phases of its operations. We commit to take all reasonable care to protect the safety of employees, contractors, and the public, in adherence with all applicable legislation. We endeavor to:

  • Ensure employees and service providers understand what is expected from them on the work site, before commencing work;
  • focus on risk assessment and loss prevention.
  • Ensure employees and service providers have received a worksite orientation and have both the training and experience necessary to perform the tasks or operate the equipment assigned to them, competently
  • Be prepared to respond, quickly, safely and effectively to emergencies in order to minimize any adverse environmental impacts and protect workers and the public;
  • Continually monitor our operations and facilities and seek ways to improve our safety and environmental performance

Triple Zero Goal

Safety is job one in all of our activities. We operate to achieve a triple zero goal:

  1. No injuries
  2. No vehicle accidents
  3. No spills

Our safety record continues to move closer to that goal as we emphasize safe work practices in every element of our operations.

Safety Always First