Environment, Health and Safety


Perpetual Energy is committed to achieving a high standard of safety and environmental stewardship throughout all phases of its operations. We commit to take all reasonable care to protect the environment and the safety of employees, contractors, and the public, in adherence with all applicable legislation. We endeavour to:

  • Make environmental protection and safety consciousness a consistent component of the corporate decision making process;
  • Acknowledge and be sensitive to potential environmental impacts and workplace hazards associated with our operations and take prudent actions to minimize both the impacts and hazards;
  • Provide necessary environmental and safety training to all employees;
  • Take a proactive approach towards project management that recognizes the benefits of loss control and environmental protection, as well as the full-cycle costs associated with environmental alterations and reclamation;
  • Be prepared to respond, quickly, safely and effectively to emergencies in order to minimize any adverse environmental impacts;
  • Participate in industry initiatives and organizations, in the creation of responsible policies, regulations and industry standards designed to protect workers, assets and the environment;
  • Repair environmental damage which occurs as a result of our business activities;
  • Assess risk at the workplace to prevent loss; and
  • Continually monitor our operations and facilities and seek ways to improve our safety and environmental performance.

Perpetual Energy has in place a Health, Safety and Environmental Committee of the Board of Directors composed of a majority of non-management directors of the Corporation. The tenet of this Committee's safety and environmental policies is to protect the environment, maintain public health and safety, and comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations and standards. The principles that guide the maintenance of these policies apply to all employees and contractors of Perpetual Energy.

Perpetual Energy's safety record continues to move closer to its goal of zero incidents or accidents as the Corporation emphasizes safe work practices in every element of its operations. With rigorous reporting procedures, all incidents, ranging from near-misses to reportable accidents, are tracked and analyzed. Regular safety meetings, internal and external audits, internal reports and publications proactively raise awareness of the many varied workplace hazards.

Ongoing training, both formal and informal, serves to prepare our employees, contractors and service providers to take individual responsibility and accountability for their safety and the safety of co-workers, increasing awareness and establishing safe work procedures with a focus on risk assessment and loss prevention.