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Perpetual Energy is committed to achieving a high standard of environmental stewardship throughout all phases of its operations.  We commit to take care to protect the environment by including the protection of air, water, land and forestry in our corporate decision making process.  We endeavor to:

  • Acknowledge and be sensitive to potential environmental impacts;
  • Provide necessary environmental training to all employees;
  • Take a proactive approach towards project management that recognizes the benefits of loss control and environmental protection, as well as the full-cycle costs associated with environmental alterations and reclamation;
  • Be prepared to respond, quickly, safely and effectively to emergencies in order to minimize any adverse environmental impacts;
  • Be responsible for environmental damage which occurs as a result of our business activities;
  • Assess and manage risk at the workplace to prevent loss; and
  • Continually monitor our operations and facilities and seek ways to improve our safety and environmental performance;
Environmental Excellence Is Always Top Of Mind

Doing Good

At Perpetual Energy, we strive for excellence and believe in surpassing expectations, exceeding goals and achieving success. This spirit also drives the investment of giving back in our communities

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