Social Responsibility

“In Stride With Community”

At Perpetual Energy, we strive for excellence and believe in surpassing expectations, exceeding goals and achieving success. This spirit also drives investment in our communities.

Our In Stride with Community dollars are directed to organizations that are aligned with our values, our business and our many varied stakeholders. Specifically, we support initiatives focused on wellness and education in its broadest context. As we define it, education is a tool used to achieve success, fulfill dreams and learn lessons to contribute to society. Our support could be sponsoring scholastic endeavours, facilitating a learning field trip for school children, or fuelling the passion and fitness of young people.

Our accomplishments as a company rely on the support of our employees, consultants, contractors, service providers, business partners and our Unitholders. The people working with Perpetual Energy live in many communities and are often dedicated to improving the quality of life for friends and neighbours. We believe their enthusiasm and passion impacts our success and when this energy is shared with the community, great achievements are made.

We realize there are a vast number of good projects to support and it is our requirement that requests for funding must be championed by a member of our team. Organizations requesting our support should generally have Revenue Canada charitable status. While our community investment criteria are broad, there are some items that do not fit within our community investment guidelines, namely: support of for-profit organizations, programs of a political nature and organizations seeking deficit funding support.

Requests to the In Stride with Community program may be submitted by writing a detailed request to:

In Stride with Community

Perpetual Energy
Suite 3200, 605 5 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H5