Our Business

Portfolio Management Strategy

Over the past several years, Perpetual has prioritized repositioning its asset base and reducing debt while balancing the other pillars of its value-driven strategy. Three asset-related strategies have been employed.

1) Cash Flow Diversification:

  • exploration and development of conventional heavy oil opportunities, geographically synergistic with base operations;
  • exploration and development of resource-style, liquids-rich gas in the Alberta deep basin; and
  • pursuit of creative energy business opportunities leveraging assets and expertise, such as development of the commercial natural gas storage business at Warwick.

2) Asset Base Transformation for Long-Term Diversification and Growth:

  • new venture activities to capture and assess resource-style gas, liquids-rich gas and oil opportunities with risk-managed investment; and
  • bitumen resource definition, evaluation and extraction activities.

3) Base Asset Optimization:

  • maximize the value of base assets by minimizing costs and maximizing revenue; 
  • maintaining exposure to low cost production and reserve addition opportunities through uphole recompletions and low exposure, concentric exploration of undeveloped shallow gas land base; 
  • making accretive acquisitions to complement and enhance the value of the shallow gas opportunity inventory; and 
  • crystallizing value through dispositions.